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Promoting education is one of our core pillars to creating impact.

By providing our beneficiaries with all their basic school supplies needed, it will allow them to be able to fully focus on their education.

“Young women who want an education will not be stopped.” – Freida Pinto

Our beneficiaries are extremely passionate about education and their determination to succeed in all that they do is why we are so proud of them. In order to support our S.H.E girls with this passion of theirs, we do everything that we can to remove all the barriers that they used to face, which prevented them from attaining an education.

We provide
the following educational support to our beneficiaries:

Full payment of school fees, extra lessons, and education fees
school uniforms and shoes
school bags
stationery supplies
Exercise books

Through our tailored, holistic educational support plans, our beneficiaries are able to continue thriving in the classroom and we look forward to seeing them achieving many great things in their futures!

Make your impact today and help us continue
to promote education to vulnerable girls
across Africa.