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Empowering vulnerable individuals in need

We remove the barriers that prevent vulnerable individuals from becoming the best version of themselves, through our uniquely tailored support.


Welcome to Catalyst Foundation

Catalyst Foundation is the charitable arm of Catalyst Care Group, where we fall under their house of brands as their ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ initiative. 

We welcome all vulnerable individuals with open arms who are in line with the work that we do, and the programmes that we initiate.

We are on a mission to transform individuals from vulnerable to empowered, by providing holistic support to those in need. We tailor our support to every selected individual’s specific needs, and implement a sustainable plan that will help them to become the best version of themselves.

We provide consistent long-term care to the individuals whom we support, and believe that by working closely together, we can create better opportunities and inspire them to have hope for their brighter futures.

Our Mission

To transform vulnerable individuals within our care and communities, through our established Programmes.

Our Vision

To be the catalyst that empowers vulnerable individuals in need of our assistance, through providing the best support possible to them.

Our Core Values





Our Global Impact

Our Impact Stories (S.H.E Programme)

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