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Let’s work together to create an impact
and empower vulnerable individuals.

We know that when we work together with like-minded individuals who believe in the work that we do, we are able to achieve great things and create even more impact in the lives of the vulnerable individuals who need us the most.

This is why we partner with individuals, companies, trusts, and foundations to help us achieve our vision: to provide tailored and holistic support to vulnerable individuals in need.

When you partner with the Catalyst Foundation, our experienced team will work with you to tailor your partnership to our specific needs. You will gain a unique insight into our holistic and personal approach and be able to see the long-term impact of your support, as it assists to transform individuals’ lives from vulnerable to empowered.

Ways to partner with the Catalyst Foundation:


Trusts and

Give a
Major Gift

1. Corporate Partnerships

Become a corporate partner with the Catalyst Foundation and your business can achieve something tremendous: transforming vulnerable individuals’ lives globally.

Our partnerships with the private sector are based on trust, collaboration and impact. We will work with and support you to deliver sustainable change and impact for the vulnerable individuals that we work with, whilst also helping you to boost customer trust and reach new audiences.

2. Trusts and Foundations

As a partner trust or foundation, your support will enable us to continue to deliver long-term, sustainable support plans to the vulnerable individuals that we work with.

You can choose to support a specific project or area of work, or allow us to use your donation where it’s most needed. A dedicated Catalyst Foundation Team member will work closely with you.

You’ll receive regular updates on your project so you can see the impact it’s having. You are also free to visit your project to see our work first hand. 

Get in touch with us and let’s discuss the right project for you to support!

Get in touch with us and let’s discuss the right programme for you to support!

3. Give a Major Gift

At Catalyst Foundation, our aim is for you to feel personally connected to your giving. Your generosity is extremely personal and we’re committed to bringing you closer to the projects you feel strongly about.

We have numerous projects that are in need of funding. If you would like to explore making a gift of £5,000 upwards, we will be more than happy to talk you through each stage – from selecting your project to receiving regular reports and updates featuring the vulnerable individuals benefiting from your donation.

You’ll also be invited to exclusive events, with opportunities to meet the staff delivering the Catalyst Foundation projects and gain a unique insight into our tailored and holistic approach to empowering vulnerable individuals in need of our support. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Why Join the Catalyst Foundation Family?

You will receive a personalised experience.

When committing to making a major gift, you will be connected to a Catalyst Foundation Team Member who will meet with you to discuss your interests and help you to select a project that you feel passionately about. By joining the family, we will journey with you and be right by your side as you create an impact

You will be consistently informed of your impact.

As part of our journey together, we strongly believe in transparency. We will send through to you in-depth reports, including updates that will illustrate the impact that your donation has made. You will also be invited to exclusive events where you will have the opportunity to meet the Catalyst Foundation Staff, as well as fellow supporters. Lastly, over time, you will also be awarded the opportunity of visiting our projects and meeting the vulnerable individuals and communities that you are supporting.

A chance to transform individuals from vulnerable to empowered. 

We are led by and put the needs of the most vulnerable individuals at the centre of our work. We listen to what the individuals we work with, and their communities tell us they need and we formulate these needs into uniquely tailored support plans.

The Catalyst Foundation’s Programmes that are in need of funding include:

We work collaboratively with vulnerable girls across Africa, their families, teachers, and local social services, to break down the barriers that girls in particular face when accessing an education.

Our Proud Partners of the Catalyst Foundation:

Platinum Partner of the S.H.E (Secure, Hope, Empowered) Programme.

The Catalyst Care Group offers tailored, specialist care and support solutions to individuals, and public and private sector organisations and companies across the United Kingdom. Their mission is to transform care for the better and become the partner of choice for clients and clinicians. With culture underpinning the fabric of their organisation, from recruitment and placements, to innovation and service development, their core values drive everything they do.

Stationery Partner of the S.H.E (Secure, Hope, Empowered) Programme.

Rank Zimbabwe

Rank Zimbabwe is the largest stationery manufacturer and distributor in Zimbabwe. Rank opened its doors in 1981 and has serviced Zimbabwe’s stationery requirements since then. The focus on stationery and related products is in line with its key competitive advantages: a local company, trusted brand name and quality products. Rank has long-standing relationships with nearly all primary and secondary educational institutions in Zimbabwe and have organised a number of donation drives providing schools with essential educational supplies and sponsoring prizes and awards. Rank has a range of over 750 products from books, pencils, bond paper, maths sets, calculators, pens, markers, files as well as office furniture and equipment which includes desks, chairs, shredders and whiteboards. It is truly your one-stop shop for stationery and accessories! The majority of products are under Rank’s 3 in-house brands – MERIT, KIAN and LOTUS.

Let’s work together to empower
vulnerable individuals to reach
their full potential!