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This policy applies to all Trustees, staff, volunteers, management committee members, users and the general public.


Equality and diversity are central to the work of Catalyst Foundation.

Catalyst Foundation will treat all people with dignity and respect, valuing the diversity of all. It will promote equality of opportunity and diversity. It will eliminate all forms of discrimination on grounds of race, gender, marital status, caring responsibilities, disability, gender re-assignment, age, social class, sexual orientation, religion/ belief, irrelevant offending background or any other factor irrelevant to the purpose in view.

It will tackle social exclusion, inequality, discrimination and disadvantage.

For this policy to be successful, it is essential that everyone is committed to and involved in its delivery. Catalyst Foundation’s goal is to work towards a just society free from discrimination, harassment and prejudice. Catalyst Foundation aims to embed this in all its policies, procedures, day-to-day practices and external relationships.


Catalyst Foundation aims to:


Catalyst Foundation’s objective is to realise its standards by:

Why have this policy?

Catalyst Foundation recognises, respects and values diversity in its Trustees, employees, volunteers and service users.

Catalyst Foundation has this policy because it is a people-led organisation that must always ensure it meets the needs of the community through fair and appropriate employment and development of the people who work and volunteer for Catalyst Foundation.


Responsibility for Implementation

This policy covers the behaviour of all people employed or volunteering in Catalyst Foundation or using the services and sets out the way they can expect to be treated in turn by Catalyst Foundation. The overall responsibility for ensuring adherence to and implementation of this policy lies with the Trustees, staff and the management committee.

Method of Implementation

Catalyst Foundation intends to implement this policy by:

Monitoring and Reviewing

Catalyst Foundation has declared its commitment to establishing, developing, implementing and reviewing a policy of equality of opportunity. Effective record keeping and monitoring, and acting on information gathered, are essential in order to measure effectiveness and plan progress. The management committee will review the policy annually.