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Volunteering for the best interest of Catalyst Foundation without expectation of any form of remuneration is the best thing I have ever done. It’s another way of giving back to the community and thanking almighty God for granting me the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills that I have so far waiting for more to come. Imagine the impact you can make by changing someone’s life through voluntary service at any time anywhere you are. ‘Be the change for the better!’ is my motto and will always inspire me to continuously offer professional services. My wish is to continuously link people to their resource system, restore normalcy and promote healthy well-being of individuals or groups through various methods and strategies. I am grateful to be part of the Catalyst Foundation’s S.H.E Project.


My experience as a volunteer has been quite enlightening. I can say l have learnt a few things and encountered some challenges too with regards to fundraising. These past few weeks l have been contacting a few companies and some individuals who l thought might be interested in helping. It’s just unfortunate that we are fighting a pandemic which has really affected our economy and this makes it hard for most entities and individuals to donate even when they are willing. I am honoured to be volunteering and I am hoping to bring about change in Catalyst Foundation’s S.H.E Project. I really enjoy being part of this cause because helping other vulnerable girls and women has always been something l love doing so l don’t take this opportunity to contribute to the S.H.E Project lightly.


Since engagement, I have been using several networking and groupings that I am part of, to share the vision being driven by Catalyst Foundation.

The experience was quite interesting with an encounter of several opinions that diverse cultures have. Some people have a belief that there is bias as boys are being discriminated against and are always ready to share their background as a defence line. 

There is also a group that believes in the challenges of donating handouts to the community as opposed to developmental capacity building and diplomacy, as well, was required to convince on this issue of girl child repositioning through access to standard education. I, however, realised from these challenges what a hurdle it is to raise funds for educational needs for these young rural girls and felt personally that strong intervention was key to their prosperity. There is a need to work together as a country, more crowdfunding or other sustainable options to create a pool of funds as a hedge in case these talents identified in schools fail to make it. There are parents in remote areas suffering to provide for the family, and education for the girl becomes a luxury. Working with school representatives, community health staff and other leadership we can achieve great results.


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