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We hold protecting the environment very close to our hearts.

“The environment is no one’s property to destroy; it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect.” – Mohith Agadi

Conservation of the environment, and educating communities about climate change is really important to us. This is part of the additional support that we provide to the schools that we work with. We promote this in various ways which include, holding discussion sessions with all students about the need to protect the environment, how to carry this out and what could be done to ensure that they are playing their part.

See our impact below:

Donation of and planting of fruit trees at Ringa Primary School, Beatrice, Zimbabwe.

Educating the Ringa Primary School Community, Zimbabwe, about protecting the environment.

We partnered with Ringa Primary School in Beatrice, Zimbabwe, where we donated twenty-five (25) fruit tree seedlings to them. 

Great educational discussions were carried out between us and the entire school community about tree planting and how they could ensure that these seedlings grow into strong, healthy trees. 

Our hope is that by doing this, over time, it will assist with improving the students’ nutritional value, by them making use of the fruits as part of their ‘School’s Feeding Programme’, as well as inspire them to plant more trees, as part of their contribution to preserving the environment.

Donate and help us to be able to plant more trees in the future.

View our fruit tree planting ceremony at Ringa Primary School.

In addition to the above, we also assist the schools that we work with, by coordinating activities that teach all students how to use elements from the environment as effectively as possible.

Students at Nemane High School learning about water purification and how it works.

Education about ‘Water Purification’ at Nemane High School, Tsholotsho, Zimbabwe.

The water situation in the Tsholotsho district in Zimbabwe is not great and many families face major challenges in acquiring safe water. As part of our additional support provided to Nemane Primary School, we coordinated an activity where our beneficiaries, together with their class mates and teachers, spent the day learning all about water purification and how the science behind the filtration system works – removing impurities from the polluted water. 

Instead of conducting these experiments in the school’s laboratory using scientific apparatus, our beneficiaries decided to conduct them outside, using natural resources to make their filters. The impact of doing this was phenomenal as our girls were able to apply what they had learnt in the classroom to a situation that was similar to if they were at home. 

This day was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone and our girls were really excited to go home and show their families what they had learnt about water purification and how this experiment could be used to assist with acquiring safe water for use in their everyday lives, in conjunction with other methods currently being used. 

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View what our beneficiaries learnt about ‘Water Purification’.

Through our structured programme, we hope that it will lead to greener futures!

Make your impact today and help us continue
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vulnerable girls across Africa.