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There are numerous ways that you can fundraise for the Catalyst Foundation. Have an idea in mind?

Why not:

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Sandi taking part in the Victoria Falls Marathon 2022, Zimbabwe in support of the Catalyst Foundation – S.H.E Programme.

Run a full or half marathon like Sandy

For many years, Sandi has run the Victoria Falls Marathon that takes place in Zimbabwe every year. This time, she really wanted to run and raise funds for a worthy cause. Upon hearing about the Catalyst Foundation – S.H.E (Secure, Hope and Empowered) Project, she felt strongly about the work that we do – empowering girl-child education across Africa and decided to select us as her charity of choice.

Due to Sandi’s courageous efforts, she managed to raise enough funds to send 16 vulnerable girls to school for a term, which was amazing!

If you know of a Marathon or any other running event coming up and you would like to run for Team Catalyst Foundation, let us know and we will assist you with any support that you will need.


Take a leap of faith and Skydive for the Catalyst Foundation.

Skydive and face your fear of heights!

Have you always wanted to do something exhilarating (and maybe a touch scary), that may be part of your bucket list, then please consider a Skydive! And better still, why not jump to support the Catalyst Foundation’s Projects.

Skydiving is an incredible experience to do either on your own or with your friends. It will challenge your fear of heights and blow you mind – allowing you to conquer your fears and feel empowered – a feeling that we strive for the vulnerable individuals that we support to feel. 

We have partnered with SkyDive Buzz to offer you the easiest possible way to complete this awesome jump and raise much needed funds for the Catalyst Foundation.

If you would like to take a leap of faith and Skydive for the Catalyst Foundation, let us know and we will assist you with any support that you will need.


Mia proudly smiling after completing her Mathematics Challenge in support of the Catalyst Foundation – S.H.E Programme.

Mia (daughter of one of our Trustees) visited our beneficiaries in our Catalyst Foundation – S.H.E (Secure, Hope and Empowered) Project in Zimbabwe. Due to meeting our vulnerable girls and listening to their stories, she felt really touched and inspired to raise funds for them and be a proud supporter. 

Once back home in the United Kingdom, she decided to create her own challenge of answering 1000 Mathematics questions. By completing this challenge, Mia managed to raise a considerable amount of money for us.

If you have an exciting challenge in mind and you would like to raise funds for Team Catalyst, let us know and we will assist you with any support that you will need.

Have other ideas in mind?
Why not set up your own event of choice?

Would you prefer to set your own fundraising challenge? Whether it’s organising a sponsored walk, run, or hiking Mount Everest Peak, the possibilities are endless!
All you need to do is set yourself a challenge to achieve, choose a Catalyst Foundation project to support, set a fundraising target to reach, and create a JustGiving page to turn your goal into a reality.

Once you have completed the above, what’s left is to have fun, get your fitness levels up and enjoy raising funds for the Catalyst Foundation and playing your part to help us transform the lives of individuals from vulnerable to empowered.

Why Become a Team Catalyst Fundraiser?

Make a
difference and
create impact

Every vulnerable individual deserves the opportunity to become the best version of themselves, and have a brighter future.

your set

Step out of your comfort zone, increase your fitness levels, or achieve something that you never through you would have been able to do.

Receive the
support you

When holding your fundraising event, we will be right by your side from the start to the end, as we appreciate you and your efforts greatly.

Got any questions?
Contact the Catalyst Foundation Team. We love hearing from our incredible volunteers who believe in what we do.