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in schools

Educating students about the challenges that the vulnerable individuals we
support face and inspiring them to give back through fundraising initiatives.

Inspire your students through learning about the challenges the vulnerable individuals that we support face and raise money for the Catalyst Foundation at your school.

Brainstorm potential fundraising ideas with your students and then get started with your campaign!

Please feel free to also contact us informing us of your chosen fundraising campaign. We would love to also help you get your fundraising campaign up and running and make sure it is a huge success.

Choose which Programme you would like to raise funds for.

Decide on what your fundraising campaign will entail.

Inform your students about our work –  provided to you by us.

Make an impact by raising funds through your school, and your inspired students.

Once your event has concluded, we would love to visit your school and hold an assembly.

Finished your school fundraising campaign?

Thank you so much for your support. All funds raised will help us to continue empowering vulnerable individuals in the future!
If you would like to transfer your raised funds to the Catalyst Foundation, this can simply be done here:

Recent School Fundraisers:

At the beginning of March, the Girls’ Division at Bolton School in the United Kingdom held their ‘Non-Uniform Day’,
which raised a staggering £1,550.70 for Catalyst Foundation!