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Birth of Catalyst Foundation

Meet our Founders:

Mayda Mapondera

(CEO & Co-Founder of Catalyst Foundation)

Trevor Mapondera

(CEO of Catalyst Care Group & Co-Founder of Catalyst Foundation)

Giving and serving others is in our DNA. Catalyst Foundation was born out of compassion and generosity of our founders and employees at Catalyst Care Group (website –

Each year, these incredible people give their time, resources, and money to be the catalyst to improve the lives of others. Since 2010, serving others has been a part of who we are since the inception of our first company, Nurseline Healthcare. Over time, Nurseline Healthcare has become Catalyst Care Group. 

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to transform individuals within our care and communities, from vulnerable to empowered, through our Programmes – S.H.E and X-Out, so that they can become the best versions of themselves.

S.H.E (Secure, Hope, Empowered) Programme for the thriving girl-child:

Our S.H.E Programme focuses on empowering vulnerable young girls in Africa, who face barriers that prevent them from attaining an education.

We bring continuity into their lives through our tailored, holistic support, by providing them access to education and other basic needs, that every child requires to navigate their early years with hope. We support our beneficiaries by being consistently involved in their lives at home, school and in their communities.

X-Out Programme for The People in Our Care

As we went about our day, it became clear that some people in our home care whom are being supported by Catalyst Care Group, and who live with complex mental health challenges, and learning difficulties, often struggle to adapt to life in the community. Through our X-Out Programme, we regularly provide small grants to support outdoor activities for the people in our care. 

Catalyst Foundation continues to focus on growing and expanding its mission.

Through your support, the future of the Catalyst Foundation will continue being impactful, and we look forward to working with you to empower vulnerable individuals who need our support.

S.H.E Programme - Zambia
S.H.E Programme - Zimbabwe
X - Out Programme
X-OUT Programme - United Kindom